Working With the Custom Artwork Tool

Welcome to Custom Artwork Tool

Use this tool to create your own custom sign, selecting your own measurements and supplying your own artwork.

Step 1: Select a Product

Use the Product and Category dropdowns to select the type of sign you'd like to work with. Once you've selected a product, the category dropdown will be populated with available options.

Step 2: Select Options

Once you've completed Step 1, you'll be able to customize the sign's physical attributes. Keep in mind, the specific selections change depending on the type of product you're working with. Select your Material, Size, Sides, Finishing, Installation Options, and Quantity.. Materials, finishings and number of sides are straightforward, although finishings are optional. You can select any size you'd like for your product, and the sizes are listed in feet, from 1ft to 50ft by 1/2 foot increments. For any banner-like material thats packaged in a roll, you're limited to a maximum size of 9ft by 50ft, in either portrait or landscape rotations. Once you select a size greater than 9ft in either of the two dropdowns, the other dropdown will limit you to a maximum of 9ft, however readjusting the orignal dropdown back below 9ft opens the other one up to options of up to 50 ft. Remember, this only for rollable materials.

Installation Options

some products will have installation options available. We only provide installations across Canada - please do not order installations outside of Canada, we do not provide this service yet.

Step 3: Upload Your Artwork

Once you have completed Step 2, it's time to upload your own artwork. We can work with .PDF, .AI, .EPS, .PSD, .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, and .BMP files. If you have your imagery in another format, please contact us first to make sure we can support it. If you've sent us imagery in a format we can't work with, we may need to get in contact with you to resolve that - which will in turn, push back the shipment date.